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    Part 7 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth, Being In Heaven.

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 7 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
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    Your Conditioning and Behavioural Patterns

    Last issue we dealt with the reality that we are all on automatic for most of our lives. We keep playing out repeating patterns and behaviours, even if they do not bring us the experiences we want. This is inevitable, as we have all been conditioned by our upbringing. And conditioning is basically loading your mind up with behavioural patterns, and then playing them out for the rest of your life. What is not inevitable, is that you do not have to live out your conditioning for the rest of your life.

    How to Free Your Mind

    So, the question is, how can you use more of your mind to free yourself from the parts of your conditioning you no longer want to play out, and, how can you create more enjoyable and fulfilling life experiences.

    You have undreamed of powers and potentials to create your life in ways which will stun and amaze you, but you have hardly scratched the surface of what is possible. Why not use these abilities, instead of just relying on working in the outer world.

    Fortunately, how to do this has been discovered over thousands of years. It is simply a matter of increasing the powers of your concentration. Particularly your inner concentration. Outer concentration is the key to all the qualities of success, such as persistence, reliability, insight, intuition, focus and commitment. But what about inner concentration?

    The Inner Life

    Very few people in our consumer society have any type of inner life. This is most unfortunate, as it drives a person to believe that the best in life comes from the outer world. This is a ghastly mistake, and ruins more lives than any other factor.

    You cannot be truly successful unless you have an inner life. Even if you make billions of dollars, have your loving family around you, and are in good health, you will still feel that something is missing, or that all that effort had no point. So many people fall into this trap. It is sensible to be skilled at creating wealth and financial security, but not at the expense of your inner life.

    What this all means, is that you need to turn your attention within yourself on a regular basis. You can do this through traditional introspection, contemplation, meditation or any other method that allows you to bring your awareness within yourself. You can also use techniques of visualisation, active imagination, or conscious dreaming. The purpose of all these is to learn about your inner universe. These are good practices to increase your concentration. But always remember, it is the power of inner concentration which is the main point.

    You also have enormous reservoirs of energy waiting to be called upon for use. But, unless you turn within, you will never be able to access them, except in shocking, or life threatening situations. Again here, concentration is the key. Your inner world is something you have to deliberately and consciously explore.

    Once you really start to develop your muscles of inner concentration, you will find that you begin to wake up to how your life really works, and what steps you can take to improve it. It happens quite spontaneously. More concentration equals more understanding, and insight, and access to additional powers of your mind. Never neglect it. It truly is the one essential and unavoidable key to total success.

    Simple Techniques for Change

    If you have not tried it before, you can practice a simple technique. Just sit comfortably, breathe gently and regularly, and build a sense of just being present in your body. Sense your body from head to toe, front and back. Nothing more than that. Do this for several minutes each day.

    Once you have mastered this, then add holding an image, or a word in your mind for as long as you can. It is very important not to strain. It is a relaxed concentration. As you do this, the ordinary thoughts will interrupt the process. Just keep coming back to the image or word. This will build your inner concentration powers.

    Simple as this practice may seem, you will be amazed at how your life will improve as you do this. You will discover that you will develop more consciousness of your automatic patterns of behaviour, and be able to let go of any which do not enhance your life. At the same time, you will be able to behave in more rewarding ways much more easily. It is your behaviours, after all, which create all the experiences of your life, through your choice faculty.

    You will also find your intuition improves, and that you begin to find yourself in the right place at the right time, all the time. It will also awaken feelings of pleasure and joy without any external cause. So you feel good, you are brighter and more aware, and your life responds to your desires more and more easily.

    Next Issue

    Next issue we will look at an ancient and secret method of becoming more alive and successful.


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