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    Internet – A wounderful Gold Mine!

    Good Monday morning my friends.

    We have a wonderful morning here on the Gold Coast, a bit overcast and not to warm. Looking forward to having my morning walk after this blog post.

    So far I’ve done a good batch of cabala juice and some lemon juice, I also harvested some nice fresh wheat grass from the garden and mixed it with some celery and kale. So, we’re set for a day drinking freshly squeezed highly nutritional vegetable juices only.

    But let’s get on with business;

    The Internet is a wonderful goldmine; it sure is, these days I’m excited to come down to the computer checking the different networks – and the overnight earnings.

    It takes a bit to set up, and I must admit that I been extremely slow with this – going for it for a little while and then moving on to other things – coming back at it -and then let it sit again.

    So this last April I finally make the decision, this is it, I got to create a steady income online – and so I did. By August I had a small income on a daily basis, and it was steady, I didn’t miss a day.

    And you can do that too my dear reader, just study and learn and persist. Be prepared, it is a steep learning curve, it is a big load of stuff to take in – but it’s not hard and I guarantee you that it works.

    Most importantly, throw away your scepticism, get in with an open mind – only open positive mindset can provide any platform for learning.

    As a Zig Zigglar put it;

    “”Some people are so narrow minded that they can look through keyhole with both eyes at the same time, but only when your mind is open like a parachute are you able to absorb any teaching.”"

    We, our self, is always our largest obstacle on our road towards success;

    What doesn’t work is our mindset, our subconscious multiple personalities – yes we all suffer from multiple personality syndromes.

    If your conscious mind make the decision that you can set up your online business and make it successful – then you have immediately 80% to 90% of your mind telling you why you can’t do it, why you shouldn’t do it and how you will fail.

    That is the 80% to 90% subconscious mind, and all the different personalities in there. Our subconscious mind is pretty much fully programmed at the age of 5 to 7 years only, and it haven’t developed much further since. Hence, what you’re dealing with is a stubborn little five-year-old – that does not want any changes. No changes whatsoever.

    “The subconscious mind wants what it got, and the subconscious mind does not want what it hasn’t got.”

    In many psychological, and mind development teachings, this subconscious mind is referred to as the “Inner Child” – appropriately so.

    Have you ever felt stuck in any situation, financial, quit smoking or starting an exercise program – well there you have it – your subconscious mind will always hang on to any situation you’re in. And sadly it does include sickness, yes, you will find many people that are fully occupied with their decease and they hold on to it for dear life.

    But this shouldn’t be a health blog so get back to business.

    We are working on tutorials here, starting by listing the online resources – or some of them actually – I don’t want to give you a list of 10,000 resources to choose among – that would be just overwhelming.

    We will select products, tested and proven products that do sell online.

    We will provide a list of affiliate networks, this is where you can find the products – and move right on to a commission based selling.

    We will discuss and help you established websites, websites that works – and that you’re in control over.

    And then we have email marketing;
    What automated lists are available, it is called auto responders – and we will list a few for you – and commenting on how they are working.

    And much more…..

    But that’s all for today my friends, it soon 8 o’clock this beautiful Monday morning, I have surpassed my 500 word blog limit – and I need my good morning walk to energise before the day.

    Enjoyed your Monday – make the most of it – and I’m looking forward to see you on our websites and mailing lists.

    Start this week in a positive manner, fill in the form on the website here and be prepared on a steep learning curve towards a steady online cash flow. You can fill in the pop up subscribe form, which is the first you see on this site, or just close that – read the full blog (That’s where you are now :) ) and use the subscribe form in the left side column

    To a happy, healthy & Wealthy life!

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