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    An Affiliate Marketer’s Dilemma, Work for 10 – Delegated to 1

    Hi Anne.

    And apologies for my silence, I’ve had on my list to answer some of your questions – so why not tackling it right now.

    I might start with a disclaimer though;
    Some of the following might sound like complaining, and even whining, being dissatisfied with progress, having too much work – and too little result to show for my hard work.

    That is not the case at all Anne;
    I am a so-called “workaholic” and I love to work hard, love long working days and feel I’m unproductive if I take a break. I’m starting at 5 AM with meditation, and finish at 11 PM with affirmations.

    I am optimistic and have a very positive outlook, I don’t see much of the result yet – but I do know that I am on target for the $10,000 a month by June 2014. So yes I will provide you lots of traffic, and I will take this opportunity to outline my plans and strategies to do so.

    But this may also be a help to self help, what I mean is; it’s easier to analyse the situation when I put it in writing. In a post like this – I can go back and see what I have been doing – what am busy with at the moment – and what I need to do in the future.

    I’m trying to stick to the excellent 80/20 rule in all things, I know that if I find the top 20% of things, the most effective ones, and do them properly then I’ll be fine. However I also know that it easy to slip back and focusing on some urgent tasks – but not so important in the 80% bracket. (The 80/20 rule is; 80% of what we do achieve 20% of the result, and the top 20% we do generates 80% of the result.)

    Please fellow Affiliate Reader, I would love to see your comments, your experienced advise, critique and corrections wherever you believe I’m on the wrong path.

    Disclaimer number 2;
    As I am a bit slow with typing, I for quite a while now are using Dragon Naturally Speaking – voice recognition dictating software. My partner have named “her” (that is the program) “Blondie”. So, if I mention “Blondie” I’m not referring to you at all Anne. More importantly, “Blondie” and I doesn’t always agree, and she can put in very strange words and make my writing look a bit weird. So if you see that – you know we can blame “Blondie” – not ME.

    But let’s get on with it;
    What are you running elsewhere that you’re having success with? And what kind of volume are you sending to them? So far you haven’t sent very much traffic to our offers……..

    I am running a few dating campaigns at PeerFly, a couple of them have quite regular conversions, while others don’t convert. Still a bit poor ROI, and I am therefore been very stuck in tracking and optimisation. (More about that later.)

    As I still procrastinating my start with Bing / Yahoo and with PoF I only run traffic from 7 Search. As you know it’s a very small search engine, and they do provide limited traffic.

    The two best campaigns there are “” and “”, I haven’t been able to find these 2 on your lists Anne.

    Which offers are you planning to run this week?

    Miracle Garcinia Cambogia is our hottest diet and health campaign and has an EPC that’s over $1! It pays $48 per sale and has been a huge success for many of my other affiliates. Think you can test it out?

    I haven’t had much luck at all with the Your Networks dating campaigns, Beshan recommended the Scandinavian “First Date” sites so I ran them for probably a month and a half. Again not much traffic,  – but also no conversion.

    Funny coincidence here; the two performing campaigns I mentioned above are actually allowed in the Scandinavian, and some other non-English-speaking European countries as well. At a resent analysing of these campaigns, I found that I have good traffic from both Sweden and Germany – and some traffic from other non-English speaking countries as well.

    However, looking back from first of August, almost 3 months, I had no conversion from a non-English speaking country. I then stopped marketing these campaigns to non-English speaking countries, and I actually deleted the then paused “First Date” campaigns in my 7 Search listings.

    More dating sites;
    I then was recommended the “Be2” dating sites, and set up a couple of campaigns for them. Sometimes after starting the campaigns, I sort of by coincidence found that the minimum age for commission was 35 years.

    A week or so later, I was sent another recommendation for a “Mature dating” promotion, here I immediately noticed the age to be 50 years minimum – for the lead to generate any commission. Especially on Mature Dating I had quite a good click through – but no conversions. – This made me wonder, and asking, about the reason for this age limits, why are they there – and why as high as 50 years? (Are they getting all younger leads for free?)

    As I’m writing this, I actually went ahead and completed a”Be2” registration as a 30 year old – which was no problem, I was accepted and found me some matching partners – which I don’t have time as I’m an Affiliate Marketer.

    Emphasising the need of landing pages – and pre-sell the visitors.
    I have been using dedicated landing pages for many years, and when I restarted my affiliate projects early on this year – I started by setting up a dozen landing pages here;  Mepys…

    I did however consider landing pages a bit as a necessary evil, and hard work, in cases where the merchants didn’t accept direct PPC linking. And off course for the long-term purpose of generate some generic FREE traffic.

    What I recently was alerted to, in a forum discussion somewhere, was that the necessity of pre-selling the clients for some specific products. Included in those products was “Dating”!

    I can see this necessity for the two mentioned campaigns above “Be2” and “Mature Dating”, a landing page where I can emphasise the age requirements, but also geographical and ethnic requirements. The landing page, of course, also give me the opportunity to pre-sell with the help of a few testimonials, privacy and other conditions assurances.

    Tracking and optimisation;
    A lot of my time lately has been occupied by tracking issues, and of course learning today’s tracking tools. One of the tools being Prosper 202, there was a lot of time wasted, until I had to come to the conclusion that my current hosting provider (Microsoft ASP host) was not able to handle the installation of Prosper 202. I was then forced to set up a new hosting with better resources for “PHP” platforms.

    From there on – and still on going, I’m learning tracking and optimisation, and I don’t mean just cutting out a few keywords and possibly traffic sources. I mean really optimisation, and real result showing through in the conversions and the ROI.

    I even believe that landing pages and landing page design have to be integrated as a an important part of campaign optimisation.

    On that note Anne; what do you suggest as the better approach for Pay Per Call campaigns like;  “Drug/Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Drug and Alcohol Rehab” – would it be direct linking or landing page?

    At the first look, it seems to require a lot more information on what can be conveyed in a small ad – am I right? Possibly some information of what the caller can expect on the call, and even some means to qualify (conditions. insurance – health cover etc?) the caller before prompting him to make the call.
    (As I mentioned before Anne, one of our businesses is health consultation, and we are currently working with a couple of alcohol rehabs.  This was probably what prompted my interest in these two campaigns.)

    I also noticed that there are no links to websites in this offer, it would probably be a good help to see what the merchants are offering as well as their conditions of service. This might then be used as pre-set or pre-sale and qualification of the caller.

    If we agreed that the project requires new appropriate domains and websites, then we are probably looking at a few weeks to a month before this is up and running Anne.

    More landing page building;
    Basically, our landing pages doesn’t work – not working well anyway.
    The project is old landing pages, they are out-dated, and the websites works mostly as a testing ground at the moment.

    Others like the following list;

    The first two are full on websites, and only have “affiliate landing pages” in the background.
    And the latter two on “niche pages”, the pages are interlinked through menus and therefore not dedicated landing pages.

    Consequently. I’m still in the process of developing proper squeeze pages and a landing pages, but nothing is simple – always find a row of obstacles.

    As mentioned, I’m working on a Microsoft ASP based platform called DotNetNuke, and it seems to me that there entire affiliate marketing industry is focused towards PHP platforms. So therefore the question; to relearn, getting updated on PHP, or sticking to my current platforms where I have a more updated knowledge.

    Regardless of that, we moving forward next week commencing a project for optimisation of our dating campaigns. This site is “” and needless to say, should include six different dating site campaigns -PPC and landing pages.

    One inclusion here will be Max Bounty’s “Be2” campaign, running it through a landing page where we clearly can get the message through; 35 years plus only.
    Small delay mother, when the visitor is on the landing page – we already spent the PPC money. Can’t win – can you?

    But hopefully this project, (which by the way will be run as a discussion topic in a private affiliate forum) will be the one that performs well enough to enter both Bing and Plenty of Fish.

    Either way we will move on to better traffic sources, higher volume and apparently high conversion ratios, both Bing / Yahoo and Plenty of Fish are said to have a lot higher “buyer ratio” among their searchers.

    This have been postponed and procrastinated for long time now, so the current target is to move on to the next level sometimes before Christmas.

    So this has to be it for this report Kate, it always drags on a bit when trying to explain something. But as I mention initially, writing long emails, or maybe Blog-Posts like this one – also clears the mind and sometimes put a totally new perspective on the issues at hand.

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