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    Internet – A wounderful Gold Mine!

    Good Monday morning my friends.

    We have a wonderful morning here on the Gold Coast, a bit overcast and not to warm. Looking forward to having my morning walk after this blog post.

    So far I’ve done a good batch of cabala juice and some lemon juice, I also harvested some nice fresh wheat grass from the garden and mixed it with some celery and kale. So, we’re set for a day drinking freshly squeezed highly nutritional vegetable juices only.

    But let’s get on with business;

    The Internet is a wonderful goldmine; it sure is, these days I’m excited to come down to the computer checking the different networks – and the overnight earnings.

    It takes a bit to set up, and I must admit that I been extremely slow with this – going for it for a little while and then moving on to other things – coming back at it -and then let it sit again.

    So this last April I finally make the decision, this is it, I got to create a steady income online – and so I did. By August I had a small income on a daily basis, and it was steady, I didn’t miss a day.

    And you can do that too my dear reader, just study and learn and persist. Be prepared, it is a steep learning curve, it is a big load of stuff to take in – but it’s not hard and I guarantee you that it works.

    Most importantly, throw away your scepticism, get in with an open mind – only open positive mindset can provide any platform for learning.

    As a Zig Zigglar put it;

    “”Some people are so narrow minded that they can look through keyhole with both eyes at the same time, but only when your mind is open like a parachute are you able to absorb any teaching.”"

    We, our self, is always our largest obstacle on our road towards success;

    What doesn’t work is our mindset, our subconscious multiple personalities – yes we all suffer from multiple personality syndromes.

    If your conscious mind make the decision that you can set up your online business and make it successful – then you have immediately 80% to 90% of your mind telling you why you can’t do it, why you shouldn’t do it and how you will fail.

    That is the 80% to 90% subconscious mind, and all the different personalities in there. Our subconscious mind is pretty much fully programmed at the age of 5 to 7 years only, and it haven’t developed much further since. Hence, what you’re dealing with is a stubborn little five-year-old – that does not want any changes. No changes whatsoever.

    “The subconscious mind wants what it got, and the subconscious mind does not want what it hasn’t got.”

    In many psychological, and mind development teachings, this subconscious mind is referred to as the “Inner Child” – appropriately so.

    Have you ever felt stuck in any situation, financial, quit smoking or starting an exercise program – well there you have it – your subconscious mind will always hang on to any situation you’re in. And sadly it does include sickness, yes, you will find many people that are fully occupied with their decease and they hold on to it for dear life.

    But this shouldn’t be a health blog so get back to business.

    We are working on tutorials here, starting by listing the online resources – or some of them actually – I don’t want to give you a list of 10,000 resources to choose among – that would be just overwhelming.

    We will select products, tested and proven products that do sell online.

    We will provide a list of affiliate networks, this is where you can find the products – and move right on to a commission based selling.

    We will discuss and help you established websites, websites that works – and that you’re in control over.

    And then we have email marketing;
    What automated lists are available, it is called auto responders – and we will list a few for you – and commenting on how they are working.

    And much more…..

    But that’s all for today my friends, it soon 8 o’clock this beautiful Monday morning, I have surpassed my 500 word blog limit – and I need my good morning walk to energise before the day.

    Enjoyed your Monday – make the most of it – and I’m looking forward to see you on our websites and mailing lists.

    Start this week in a positive manner, fill in the form on the website here and be prepared on a steep learning curve towards a steady online cash flow. You can fill in the pop up subscribe form, which is the first you see on this site, or just close that – read the full blog (That’s where you are now :) ) and use the subscribe form in the left side column

    To a happy, healthy & Wealthy life!

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    Your PayDay Mate.


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    Part 7 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth, Being In Heaven.

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 7 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
    Email us: beinginheaven(a)
    Web Site:

    Your Conditioning and Behavioural Patterns

    Last issue we dealt with the reality that we are all on automatic for most of our lives. We keep playing out repeating patterns and behaviours, even if they do not bring us the experiences we want. This is inevitable, as we have all been conditioned by our upbringing. And conditioning is basically loading your mind up with behavioural patterns, and then playing them out for the rest of your life. What is not inevitable, is that you do not have to live out your conditioning for the rest of your life.

    How to Free Your Mind

    So, the question is, how can you use more of your mind to free yourself from the parts of your conditioning you no longer want to play out, and, how can you create more enjoyable and fulfilling life experiences.

    You have undreamed of powers and potentials to create your life in ways which will stun and amaze you, but you have hardly scratched the surface of what is possible. Why not use these abilities, instead of just relying on working in the outer world.

    Fortunately, how to do this has been discovered over thousands of years. It is simply a matter of increasing the powers of your concentration. Particularly your inner concentration. Outer concentration is the key to all the qualities of success, such as persistence, reliability, insight, intuition, focus and commitment. But what about inner concentration?

    The Inner Life

    Very few people in our consumer society have any type of inner life. This is most unfortunate, as it drives a person to believe that the best in life comes from the outer world. This is a ghastly mistake, and ruins more lives than any other factor.

    You cannot be truly successful unless you have an inner life. Even if you make billions of dollars, have your loving family around you, and are in good health, you will still feel that something is missing, or that all that effort had no point. So many people fall into this trap. It is sensible to be skilled at creating wealth and financial security, but not at the expense of your inner life.

    What this all means, is that you need to turn your attention within yourself on a regular basis. You can do this through traditional introspection, contemplation, meditation or any other method that allows you to bring your awareness within yourself. You can also use techniques of visualisation, active imagination, or conscious dreaming. The purpose of all these is to learn about your inner universe. These are good practices to increase your concentration. But always remember, it is the power of inner concentration which is the main point.

    You also have enormous reservoirs of energy waiting to be called upon for use. But, unless you turn within, you will never be able to access them, except in shocking, or life threatening situations. Again here, concentration is the key. Your inner world is something you have to deliberately and consciously explore.

    Once you really start to develop your muscles of inner concentration, you will find that you begin to wake up to how your life really works, and what steps you can take to improve it. It happens quite spontaneously. More concentration equals more understanding, and insight, and access to additional powers of your mind. Never neglect it. It truly is the one essential and unavoidable key to total success.

    Simple Techniques for Change

    If you have not tried it before, you can practice a simple technique. Just sit comfortably, breathe gently and regularly, and build a sense of just being present in your body. Sense your body from head to toe, front and back. Nothing more than that. Do this for several minutes each day.

    Once you have mastered this, then add holding an image, or a word in your mind for as long as you can. It is very important not to strain. It is a relaxed concentration. As you do this, the ordinary thoughts will interrupt the process. Just keep coming back to the image or word. This will build your inner concentration powers.

    Simple as this practice may seem, you will be amazed at how your life will improve as you do this. You will discover that you will develop more consciousness of your automatic patterns of behaviour, and be able to let go of any which do not enhance your life. At the same time, you will be able to behave in more rewarding ways much more easily. It is your behaviours, after all, which create all the experiences of your life, through your choice faculty.

    You will also find your intuition improves, and that you begin to find yourself in the right place at the right time, all the time. It will also awaken feelings of pleasure and joy without any external cause. So you feel good, you are brighter and more aware, and your life responds to your desires more and more easily.

    Next Issue

    Next issue we will look at an ancient and secret method of becoming more alive and successful.


    Get in to action today, you have procrastinate your REAL ACTION for too long now.

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, MepStar Marketing, Marketing Strategies.Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Gold Coast WebWiz – Marketing.
    Go Clothes shopping at 80% OFF.

    Email; olle(a)


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    Do your homework, if the number stacks up, don’t hesitate to borrow.

    Personal loan comparison, and a bit of personal views.

    It is called playing with other people’s money, and in the rich world they call it leveraging.

    Are you using leveraging in your small business? I mean small loans and short term loans, borrow money purchasing an item and reselling at a good profit.

    As an example look at the property purchase – where we all using leverage.

    If you purchase a house for $500,000, you put in hundred thousand of your own money, and you sell the property for $600,000. You have just doubled your money, got the hundred percent return on investment – well done.

    For myself I do this leveraged on repairable motor vehicles, (see another website at purchasing auction cars, repairing and selling. You can pick up a nice late model damaged car for $1,000, maybe spending $2000 in good repair, service and make over – and you most probably have a $6000 car to put on the market.

    In both scenarios we made 100% interest on all our investments, so, with that we can easely see that paying 15% credit card interest isn’t too bad for well managed money. And that’s the catch, are your borrowing for good credit or for bad credit? Never borrow money for your own personal consumption, save money and purchase consumer items when you can afford it.

    On the contrary, if you have a good business idea, you have done your homework and see that there’s profit in the transaction, then you should never hesitate to take a low and proceed with the business.

    Likewise, if you are paying high interest, or in other ways have bad loans, or maybe credit rating damaging loans, then it could also be a good idea to refinance with a fresh loan.

    Personal loans come in all shapes and sizes. Compare some of the latest personal loan offers in the table on this website, ( try the quick and simple comparison tools. Filter and compare on the features you want and find the right personal loan to fit your needs.

    Or is it MCB Finance Australia Pty Ltd, a great international financing company have now been available in Australia for a couple of years. Trading as Credit24 Australia which is a recognised and trusted brand through many European markets, and is proudly  providing service for over 700,000 customers.

    An online credit application will only take you a few minutes, I suggest you put in your application and see how you go – your can always delay the loan until you have your business deals organised.

    As Credit24 puts it;
    It is with this breadth of knowledge and experience that credit 24 Australia offers personal loans of up to $5000.00 with easy repayment terms from 6 to 24 months. We are 100% online and our application is fast, we would give you an answer right away!

    So what are you waiting for? Give these people a call today, at least you have the knowledge, the peace of mind, of knowing that you’re qualified if needed.

    All the best my friends, and cheers to your successful financial management.

    Invest well, trade well – and you too can make 100% return on other people’s money.

    To a happy, healthy & Wealthy life!

    Smart Personal Loans through BMC Finance AustraliaGet Loan Approval.
    Bills to Pay ??
    Need “Debt Rescue”?
    Your PayDay Mate.


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