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    I Love My “Blondie” – Ie; Dragon Natuarally Speaking.

    Mepstar, the dragon naturally speaking, 2013 special offers.

    Dragon speech recognition software – your talk and it types.

    I love my new (well not that new since 2010 actually) office helper, and for some reason my partner named the program “Blondie” so when I refer to “Blondie” in my blogs, you know that it is Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance. Excellent voice recognition software.

    “” Dragon speech recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. You talk, and it types. Use your voice to create and edit documents or emails, launch applications, open files, control your miles, and more. Quickly and easily capture your thoughts and ideas while Dragon “Blondie” helps you get more done faster.””

    Mepstar, the dragon naturally speaking, 2013 special offers.


    I am a full time Internet marketer, and the big job in Internet marketing is blogging, ideally writing a blog a day. And even more, preferably producing a few e-book’s on a regular basis, in other words a lot of writing.

    For myself, as I guess most of us, I have been too lazy or too busy to learn proper typing, probably one thing that kept me away from a business of blogging and writing books. I am an expert “book writing procrastinator”, with the probably 15 year project of writing my book; family and friends Mafia.

    Now with my Blondie (Dragon Naturally Speaking) as a nice and quiet office Asst, I’m typing away faster than most professional typists .

    Grab your own copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking now while it’s on special, just click a link in this blog post somewhere here we go straight to Nuance website at; www nuance com.

    Nuance, have a lots of other tools, software, that can be an enormous help with our office work, not only typing but both documents and images conversion editing and saving.

    See the list below and follow the links;

    Mepstar, the dragon naturally speaking, 2013 special offers.


    Whether you’re at home, school, work, or on the road, Dragon software gives you complete voice control

    Dragon Solutions

    Speech recognition tools are being used by individuals and leading organizations to streamline data collection/documentation

    Support & Training

    Whether you’re a new or experienced Dragon user, find a collection of resources to improve your Dragon experience

    Dragon Community

    Connect with with other Dragon customers to learn more about Dragon, share ideas, get news updates, and more

    To finish this off, Check this out! Great bargain on the Nuance range of Voice Recognition programs and more.

    (New!) Dragon Notes – Brand new to the Dragon line, you, and your staff, will love this new addition. The new and fun product that will allow your office staff to take quick notes just by speaking!

    Mepstar, the dragon naturally speaking, 2013 special offers.

    Dragon Promotions:

    •           Dragon Home – $59.99 (reg $99.99): Perfect for all your customers looking to take their PC interaction to the next level

    •           Premium Edition – $139.99 (reg $199.99): Perfect for all your customers who are looking for that extra edge in their PC interaction.

    •           Dictate Edition – $139.99 (reg $199.99): Perfect for all those Mac users who are looking to interact with their PC.

    Mepstar, the dragon naturally speaking, 2013 special offers.

    Imaging Promotions:

    •           OmniPage – $99.99 (reg $149.99): Helps take a PDF document and make it editable.

    •           PaperPort Pro – $119.99 (reg $199.99): Best way for your customers to scan, organize, fine and share scanned documents and photos.

    •           PDF Converter Pro – $79.99 (reg $99.99): The affordable way for your customers to replace Adobe. Why spend the high cost when you can get everything at a more cost effective price.

    This is some really great promotions here, take the opportunity to really speed up your work on the computer, or in the entire office should you need it for business use. Either way Dragon Naturally Speaking has probably the highest return on investment compared to any office product you buying.

    Please contact us if you have any questions at nuance(a)


    Happy Typing!

    Mepstar Support Team



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    Part 6 of our Steps towards Personal Growth, Being In Heaven.

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 6 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
    Email us: beinginheaven(a)
    Web Site:

    Three Methods for Success

    Let’s now look at three methods you can apply immediately, to bring greater success and satisfaction in any of your endeavours. And remember, these can be applied to relationships, finances, career, creativity, health, sport or anything at all.

    Method One – Identify Your Behaviours

    It is crucial to realise that most human beings are on automatic, rather like programmed robots. They become conditioned by their upbringing. Which means they literally download, and then play out, the behaviours and actions of those who bought them up. Whoever impressed you, obviously parents, teachers, family members and anyone else, are the source of all your behaviours, and therefore your choices. You play out these patterns forever, perhaps wondering why it is often hard to change. Without dealing directly with this, it is impossible to change.

    The first step for you is to identify all your behaviours. Each area of your life has a behaviour, or personality expression. You generally have five or six main ways of expressing yourself. So, how do you express yourself, and feel about yourself, at home, work, socialising, leisure activities, by yourself and so on. Write these down, as this allows you some distance to really understand why your life is as it is. It can be quite surprising.

    Method Two – Creating New Behaviours and Actions.

    Once you have identified how you act in your life, then decide to change what you need to, so you can achieve the life experiences you want. But here is the most common mistake. People, who want to change their life, rarely realise that it is firstly their own behaviours and actions which they need to change. AND, unfortunately, you cannot actually change a behaviour.
    A behaviour is a fixed program, recorded into your brain, which you downloaded when you were growing up. It is what it is, you cannot change it. Exactly like the language you learnt, when young, is what it is. There is no use trying to make the part of your personality, which speaks English, suddenly start to speak French. You need to create a new language program in your mind, which then learns to speak French.
    It is the same if you want to become more decisive, loving, successful, financially aware etc. You have to create a new structure. So, for any change, you have only one option, and that is to create new behaviours and actions. Our second step is to then decide exactly what are the new behaviours and actions you want to develop.

    Method Three – Implementing Your New Behaviours

    Once you have decided on the necessary behaviours, you need to implement them. Just like learning a new language, you start with very small steps. Say you want to become more loving, so you can have a better relationship. You probably were not taught how to love when you were young. You might decide on a variety of ways to express love. You might speak more gently, become more caring, or be more thoughtful about what the person you love needs, and supply their needs for them.
    Or, if you want to be more financially independent, you realise that it is necessary to be responsible with money, so you choose to very carefully set aside time to study how money is made, you may clear your mind of any negative beliefs about having money, or you might put a little bit away regularly to save a deposit for an investment house. Then you would behave in these ways, choosing to do one at a time, until each is firmly established as a new behaviour.

    All about Action!

    It is small actions which are the secret of change. Many people try to make big changes at once, but it rarely lasts. Any building constructed on weak foundations is in danger of collapse in strong winds. If you have not carefully and consciously built new behaviours and actions, by regular and consistent practice, then the winds of your relationship or financial realities will blow down the changes you have tried to make. Practice makes perfect is the old saying. Your body/mind is an instrument, which you need to learn to play, no different from a piano. Learn and practice the scales and you will master whatever you want to play in your life.

    Next Issue
    We will discuss next issue the ways to free yourself of your past conditioning in order to achieve ultimate success.

    Get in to action today, you have procrastinate your REAL ACTION for too long now.

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, MepStar Marketing, Marketing Strategies.-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Love Law, Legal. NETO E Commerce.
    Email; olle(a)


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    About us here at Mepstar

    There have been a bit of variety in subjects, possibly somewhat confusing for our readers.

    I guess the site is about success, to help people be successful in any endeavour in life. We will of course talk a fair bit about money, after all we live in a capitalistic society where you need these “energy” called “money” – even just for moving around.

    Not to talk about a bit of eating, some shelter, roof over our heads and some leisure’s. And for myself I am keen on developing the philanthropic side as well, I have a limited amount of hours and therefore need to create the resources to be able to help financially.

    So, to be able to generate the lifestyle we desire and deserve, then we need the cash to support it. And following on that, if we don’t have that cash flow today, if we don’t have all the money we need coming in every day – then I would possibly suggest that we have an issue with money.

    I have here a short video by Mr Brad Yates, Brad is an experts and teacher of EFT, “Emotional Freedom Technique”, which is a sort of meditation.

    So that, suddenly, makes us slip into the personal development field, it certainly isn’t easy to keep a straight simple line in a complex world.

    As Albert Einstein and said it;
    We cannot solve a problem on the same mental level as we were at when the problem was created.

    That is, if you don’t have the cash flow you desire – then you have an issue, a problem right? So then you have to change your “mental state”, you’re thinking, you have to do some personal growth, coming up to a higher level where you think differently and can find solutions to the cash flow issue.

    Am I making sense of just confusing?

    We have our money issues, which is a subject in itself to be discussed here.

    We need to have some personal growth, this will enable us to creative, the motivation and the energy to find solution to our money issues.

    Thirdly we have the specific means of achieving goals, for this blog I would say that we will stick to affiliate marketing as our current and means of moving forward. Possibly a few deviation into other fields of online marketing, but still with a definite focus on generate cash flow by promoting products online.

    So that should sort of sum it up a bit – shouldn’t it?

    Now let’s get on with the work.

    Start using the mind, and put your body into action – Just Do It.

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network

    -Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276

    Beat Kidney Disease / Paleo Recipes.


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    Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Phobias & OCD – THE solution

    Nampa, Idaho. USA
    Thursday, June 20th, 2013 9:13:55 AM (MDT)

    Dear friend and fellow anxiety sufferer,

    If like me when I had anxiety disorder, you want a solution that works quickly and permanently, your search is over.

    What I’m going to tell you about may sound incredible, but the accelerated and permanent recovery from anxiety, phobias and panic attacks that I made over just days – the same recovery that our clients now experience – is achievable at a speed that will astound you.

    But first I want to warn you, this website is quite long, but that is necessary because I want you to fully understand what I am presenting to you. It’s helped 155,350 people over the last fifteen years to become free of anxiety and panic attacks (anxiety attacks) even when they (and their doctors) had given up hope.

    Every part of this page is important and it’s vital that you fully understand why this anxiety and panic attacks elimination solution is so different to other anxiety solutions and offerings.

    I just want you to have the opportunity to see how this Method can change your life too; that it is THE solution to anxiety, panic attacks (anxiety attacks) and phobias.


    Anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD, stress and depression are totally unnecessary and 100% avoidable! FACT!

    Regardless of how long you have suffered from anxiety or panic attacks or how severe, or mild, your anxiety is, this website is the last place you will have to look for a solution.

    Okay, let’s get started.

    Please understand this:

    If you could DO exactly what ALL recovered sufferers have done to eliminate their anxiety disorders – you would… right? Well, you can.

    Why am I so sure?

    I am sure because I have achieved it myself but also, primarily, because I have witnessed the incredible recoveries of tens of thousands of my clients who suffer from the mildest to the most severe anxiety conditions. The Linden Method is time-tested and confirmed by hundreds of referring doctors and psychologists as THE ONLY solution for anxiety and panic attacks, which acts on the ‘root cause’ of the condition.

    Do you recognize any of the following physical anxiety symptoms?

    Generalized anxiety; anxiety attacks; panic attacks; dizziness; stomach complaints; fatigue; insomnia; breathlessness; difficulty swallowing; heart racing; depression; mood swings; chest and/or muscle pains; palpitations; sweating or other anxiety / panic attack symptoms.

    Do you recognize any of these psychological symptoms?

    Constant worry; obsessive thoughts; anxiety about your health; anxiety about dentist; doctor or hospital visits; thoughts about death; thoughts about harming yourself or others; agoraphobia; confusion; mood swings; sudden anxiety attacks; feeling like you are ‘going mad’; disturbing dreams; depersonalization (feeling removed from yourself), derealization (feeling like you are in a dream) or other weird thoughts or notions.

    I know how it feels to experience these symptoms constantly. I know how alone and hopeless you may be feeling. Most importantly, I know exactly what to do about it – that I can promise you.

    Panic Attacks, Anxiety Phobias Solution.CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE.

    I will show you what you can do IMMEDIATELY
    to erase all these unpleasant symptoms using
    the body’s own anxiety elimination mechanism.

    You need the ability to…

    • Stop anxiety and panic attacks before they start – eliminating panic forever!
    • Re-build yourself and your life, BUT, this time around, on a solid self-confident foundation free from anxiety and panic attacks
    • Get clarity of mind and strong, peaceful thoughts and feelings – NO more panic attacks or even mild anxiety
    • STOP constantly checking how you are feeling or what symptoms you can find – typical of anxiety and panic attacks sufferers
    • STOP waking up every morning with anxious thoughts or panic attacks and questioning “how do I feel?” before you have even started your day
    • Bring back the good years, and recover the time you have been losing to anxiety and panic attacks
    • Make up for the lost time and live life 10 times more fully than you live under anxiety and panic attacks
    • Become great company for your loved ones again free from anxiety and panic attacks
    • Become physically fit and feel good in your body again
    • Feel as if you are 10 years younger (like you’ve been in a time machine; returning to before your anxiety and/or panic attacks started)
    • Feel like you’ve been given a second chance
    • Forget about daily stress, this time around you’re going to enjoy your daily life, free from anxiety and panic attacks
    • Instead of living life defensively and coping with it, start being a conqueror and live on the offensive
    • Feel the rich flow of time from now on, as opposed to the long dull years you’ve passed through like a zombie, with your senses numbed by anxiety and panic attacks
    • Become the inspiration of the ones close to you, and become a helper instead of a burden
    • Become a fully functioning and able person again

    Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Phobias & OCD - THE solution

    And all of this is 100% achievable at a speed that will shock you!

    Cheers to your healthy living.

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Beat Kidney Disease / Paleo Recipes.

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