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    Part 5 of our Steps towards Personal Growth

    Michael Rowland, Olle Persson; Being in Heaven

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 5 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
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    Grow to Your Fullest Potential

    Let’s now continue with our series on how to grow yourself to your fullest potential. You will be amazed at what you have available, without being aware of it. All your powers of creating the life you want to live, as well as all the automatic patterns, which already create your life, come from your whole mind, both conscious and unconscious.

    Let’s take an analogy to understand this. The mind is like a river, which is always flowing, constantly in action. This surface of the river, with its ripples, undulations and bubbles, is like your conscious mind. It is the part you are aware of and familiar with. The underlying currents beneath the surface, that force which is really directing the whole flow and movement of the river, is your unconscious mind.

    The Unconscious Mind

    The surface of the river has no real power over the underlying currents. It is carried by the currents below. In the same way, it is your unconscious that drives your life. We are all driven to make choices and decisions based on the agendas and directions of the unconscious mind. These are the memories which have been conditioned into us. (We have covered those a little already in this series and will continue to do so in future issues).

    What is less known is that your unconscious actually contains not only your conditioning, but also many more abilities and potentials than imagined. These are enriched sources of creativity, greater qualities of attraction, tremendous concentration and personal magnetism powers, which are all awaiting your call. Not only are all these available, but also your unconscious holds the keys to what are known as altered or higher states of consciousness.

    It is these that will guarantee a success in life beyond your wildest dreams. Not only will they open you to all the higher perceptions of the mind, as well as the whole of your unconscious, they will put you in a state where you are far more aware of every situation you are in. You can develop a special insight into other people, with which you can see what drives them and what they really want. You realise how money can be made more easily and how to be successful in every area of life. Everything in daily life becomes merely a simple skill to learn. These are just some of the benefits of real self development.

    To realise them, there are two main options

    You either go to a monastery or similar, and give your whole life to achieving them. Or, you live in the world and become a master of your own experiences. You make your life a work of art, with you as the painter. The difficulty with the monastery style is that you may choose one that has lost the true knowledge of how to do this and you waste your life.

    The other method, the worldly way, is far easier to test because you always have the immediate feedback of your daily life. Is what you are doing working and effective? It is apparent and obvious, so you can learn more methods if those you have are not working.

    So the first step is become the director of your life experiences in a steady, step-by-step way. Make your relationships, career, wealth, lifestyle, behaviours, creativity fitness and general well being what you want them to be.

    To do this requires knowledge of specific techniques, which have been tried and proven over many years. Our goals with our self development work, including the film ‘Being In Heaven’, are to inform as many people as possible about the methods of creating a great life.

    The next step towards becoming more Conscious

    Once you have decided to become the director of your life, and you are learning and applying the techniques and seeing results (because it can happen very fast for some), then you can begin the inner journey of becoming more and more conscious. What this means is that you become aware of an ever enlarging part of your unconscious, which is the source of your greater powers. In other words you dive into the ‘river’ of your mind, below the surface ripples and bubbles, and enjoy the deeper potentials which you have within. This is the path of classical meditation and does not involve belonging to a cult or a religion. It is a series of techniques to help you to look within yourself.

    Meditation only means internal concentration. You turn your attention back on itself so to speak. This again requires proper training, but once you have got it, you have it for life. It is just a knack, like learning to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Once you know how, you have it forever. And you find that as you proceed with it, life does a flip and you start to discover that you are far more intuitive, and in synchronicity with more and more parts of your experiences. You are in the right place at the right time more and more of the time.

    Start by spending a few minutes each day increasing the duration of your concentration on anything at all – driving the car, preparing a meal, having a shower, playing a musical instrument or anything else.

    Next Issue

    We will continue with methods for achieving great success.

    Movie Trailer;, Being In Heaven.

    Visit the Being In Heaven Site | Own the DVD


    A Note;

    With Empower Network I mean this three-step formula that you found on the header banner in this blog. Take action, and join us today to find out how simple and a well supported the three-step formula really is.

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    Get in to action today, you have procrastinate your REAL ACTION for too long now.
    See you in the team MATE!

    To Life Without Limits,
    -Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow; Check it here, it’s cool.
    Email; olle(a)


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    Give up and let go, detach yourself.


    Bill W  -  Changes.

    Some pondering and comments – anything for an analytical chat. :)
    Great words Bill.

    I totally agree of letting go of both our “stuff” and our “history”. It is all parts of our old programming, our habits and most of the time in negative beliefs. And of course the ego that tells us to hang on to stuff for the purpose of proving who we are.

    It is not until we learn to give up the lot – all of it – that we actually get a chance to start living.

    By not giving up, you’re living in the past, that is if we cling to our history and stories – or, actually, physical items. Most of our processions have no real value to us, they are just there to keep us stuck in our past – our history.

    All we have is here and now, it is only in the now we can take action, it is only in the now that we can accomplish anything.

    It’s quite absurd for me to leave the computer desk now, and attempting to go and do something yesterday. But we still live there, we could have, should have, and would have done it differently – and it’s all a waste of time as it can’t be changed.

    I’m not there yet Bill – but I am working on it. Relaxing, slowing down and endeavor to live now rather than in the past or in the future.

    I have been a very diligent student of Mr Wayne Dyer recently, starting with the wonderful movie “The Shift”, but also a student of Mr Wayne Dyer’s interpretation of the Tao Te Ching teaching.

    Here’s one of Wayne analogies;
    When a speedboat zooms across the surface of the water, there’s a white foamy froth behind it that’s called the wake of the boat. The wake is nothing more than the trail that is left behind.

    The answer to, “what is driving the boat?” Is that the boat moves because of the present moment energy generated by the engine. This is what makes the boat move forward across the water. Do you think it’s possible for the wake to drive the boat?

    Can the trail that’s left behind make the boat go forward? These are rhetorical questions with obvious answers, I’m sure you agree that the wake is only the trail left behind, and that is not what drives the boat.

    I’m suggesting that you apply this idea to your life. The wake of your life is nothing more than a trail that left behind you. Thought off in this way, it is absolutely impossible for that wake to drive your forward. The wake is not in any logical way responsible for what you’re experience or failing to experience today. The wake is just what it is, nothing more – a trail that you have left behind.    But have you rely?

    Another reference I would like to do here is Mr Stefan R. Covey and his bestselling classic; “The seven habits of highly effective people”. I know we are very familiar with both these gentlemen William, so it won’t be any news for you, but I still thought it could be worthwhile putting some of my observations on paper. (Or, in 21st century terms; “put them on the screen”, or maybe “blogging my views”, as it actually has been a long time since I’ve physically performed any correspondence with pen and paper.)

    It’s a long time ago since I last read Stefan Covey’s book, and willingly admits I’m way over due for a re-read. But I still try to recall a few relevant points;

    Stefan talks a lot about principles; “the principal centred paradigm.”

    In his wheel of principal centres Stephen has areas like; money, work, possessions, pleasure, friends, enemy’s, church, self, spouse and family.

    The Centre however, the hub of the wheel, is the static point that never moves, and Stefan Covey’s conclusion is that we need to live at principal centred life. Everything on the list above, can and most likely will change throughout your lifetime, but the principles remain.

    The basic principles are as much a natural law, as is gravity, vibration and polarity.

    So do we really need to change the CEOs?
    What is the “principles” of business?
    May I suggest that “SERVICE” is our highest purpose, that as long as a business provide excellent service and therefore excellent value to its clients it would prosper.

    And that is certainly service to its customers of course, but it’s also service to its suppliers, and last but not least service to its employees. (Does we today have a society with a rapidly growing number of public servants – that have totally lost the ideas around the important principle of service?)

    It may not be more or less intelligence, I would believe it’s a fair guess that the “EGO” grows, the focus on self, prestige and to be looking good – then we forget others, and we forget the principle of service.

    An interesting statement Bill;
    “In spite of their high intelligence, post graduate training and”…

    Does really higher education and intelligence go hand in hand, or, can it be possible that academic indoctrination impairs intelligence? Ironically your pick Branson and Jobs as talented and successful entrepreneurs in the same paragraph, with the lack of schooling does this gentlemen have less intelligence? In my opinion it would be the opposite, very high level of intelligence – and being so, maybe, thanks to a Branson’s “gift of dyslexia”.

    And is it a talent of the Branson’s and the Jobs’s?
    What are these guys intention of delivering? Do we get better service, per dollar spent, on a Virgin flight? Isn’t service a big part of Virgin success in different new markets?

    Is it service on Jobs’s part to provide a great Apple I-Phone to the masses, and to do so at a very affordable price. Actually brings my memory back to another great, but poorly educated, entrepreneur; as the successful Mr Henry Ford making the automobile available to the masses.

    Jobs was sacked from his own company Apple computers, and in a few years the company was on the brink of disaster. Jobs was then called back in, in the management of the company – and we’ve all seen the success that followed.

    Some great questions of an entrepreneur;
    •    How can we do this better?
    •    Can we make it more affordable?
    •    Can we be more efficient?

    Help a lot of people get what they want – and there is no limits to what you can have.

    But I’m totally agree about the principles of letting go Bill.

    Wayne Dyer;   “More than 90% of all problems, stress and misfortunes are caused by our attachments.”

    Here’s another thing we have got a bit back to front;
    The principal of valuating and respect people, and use things.
    Today it seems likely we prefer to value our possessions, our things – and using people.

    So yes people, it is time to let go – we are not what we have, and we are not a University diploma. We are just a superb human being – regardless.

    To be continued when time permits.

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow; Check it here, it’s cool.
    Email; olle(a)

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    Part 4 of our Steps towards Personal Growth

    Michael Rowland, Olle Persson; Being in Heaven

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 3 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
    Email us:
    Web Site:

    Becoming more Conscious

    Let’s now continue with our series on how to grow yourself and have a far better life experience. The quickest way to become more successful in your life is to RAISE YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Every part of your life is a result of the level of consciousness you are in. Your relationships, finances, career opportunities, pleasure and fulfilment are all a direct result of how conscious you are. This is the crucial step in improving your life. A person who doesn’t know this, or ignores it, becomes like a mouse on a wheel: running fast, but going nowhere.

    What exactly does ‘raise your level of consciousness’ mean?
    First of all, you have to be conscious of something. So you have (1) the outer world of your daily experiences, and then the inner world of (2) your body, (3) your mind, and (4) your energy or emotions and feelings.

    It is your ‘inner world’ (the last three), which defines what your experience of life is. After all, you only experience what goes on within your skin. An outer event occurs, you observe it with your senses, and it goes into your system through these senses. Say in your work, someone is rude to you. How you react to their behaviour, whether it is water off a duck’s back to you, or you are furious and vengeful, or anything in between, defines your experience of that event. It is your inner feelings, emotions, physical sensations, thoughts and images, which define your reactions and responses about each event. These therefore are your experience of that event. And these types of reactions and responses become ruts in your mind, and we all tend to repeat these ruts continually throughout our lives.

    It is these inner reactions which define your experience of each event and therefore, of course, your whole life. Different people can have different reactions to identical events, based on what is going on in their own inner world.

    So, to change your life experience, you need to become more and more conscious of what is happening in your inner world, and then start to gain mastery over it. You can only do this by becoming more conscious. If you are not conscious of it, you are a victim to it.

    At present most people can only access a very small part of themselves. Your consciousness is similar to a beam of light, when aimed at a poster on a wall on a dark night. Where the beam of light lands on the poster, only that part of it becomes lit up, and you are conscious of only that part of the poster. All the rest of the poster is dark and you are not conscious of it. It is the same with your inner world. The small conscious portion of your mind, emotions and body you are aware of, becomes available to you. You can then use it, change it and work with it. All the rest is unavailable to you. What you are unaware of is called the subconscious or unconscious (we’ll call these two the subconscious).

    Accessing the Subconscious
    The subconscious is a whole series of programs, conditioned reflexes and responses. It is a storehouse of unexpressed emotions, both positive and negative. It holds unknown physical powers, as well diseases, which have not yet been bought to consciousness.

    It is also from the subconscious that all your creativity arises. Those unexpected and brilliant flashes of insight and understanding, as well as great ideas and solutions, also come from this vast source. So does intuition and deep memory access.

    This is where the so called psychic powers or extra sensory perceptions also come from, as well as healing abilities and higher intelligence. These are in fact quite normal capacities, which have been covered up by the way you use your brain.

    You are sitting on a gold mine of incredible and life changing potentials, but completely unaware of it. You may have glimpsed some of these abilities but they are not at your beck and call.

    The first step to access this amazing source of wisdom and power, which means to make more or your subconscious conscious, only requires you to turn your attention towards it. Normally your attention is focussed outwards. You are occupied with your five senses and what is happening in the ‘outside world’ When you turn your attention inwards, what is in your subconscious immediately responds by revealing itself.

    The Way to ‘De-Stress’
    So, if you have a lot of stored stress, giving overactivity of your brain, you may experience your mind as becoming highly active, with thousands of thoughts streaming through it. This, of course, is an awareness of what is actually going on all the time, away from your consciousness. Eventually, you may fall asleep or experience very deep rest. This may take some time to manifest, particularly if you have been living an overcharged life.

    Once this inner rest occurs, you will become aware of the potentials which you have available to you. Amazing insights and understandings occur. Brilliant ideas and solutions appear. You become aware of what you need to do to cause a certain event to happen in your life, or you may realise that it is useless to spend any more of your time and energy on it.

    Once you have de-stressed your system, with regular practice, then you become aware of a higher intelligence existing within you. It is like having an invisible genius available to do your bidding. It is the most marvellous faculty, as it follows your own conscious directions. It is as if you have been using a home computer and suddenly you discover a supercomputer which can do incredible things you never even knew were possible. This conscious turning within is the traditional path of classical meditation.

    And best of all this inner genius is there right now, as you read this, available for you to use in any way you wish. But you have to start to enter into regular periods of a very deep meditative relaxation. It will not come in if you are highly stressed. The deeper levels cannot reveal themselves in an overactive brain.

    Practical Steps of Classical Meditation
    What you can do to start with, is to sit comfortably with your back straight. Breathe, slowly and deliberately but without effort, a medium breath. Then start to sense your whole body and allow it to relax. Then just observe your inner world. That’s all.

    Do this for twenty minutes a day, even twice a day if you have the time. Do it before you have a meal. You may sleep, you may experience the brain as overcharged, you may become aware of aches and pains you were not aware of, or new ideas may come up. If you first learn to relax, then more of your inner intelligence can appear. This first step of meditation is really the deepest relaxation you can enjoy.

    Real meditation is not a path of morals and rules and regulations about what you should eat or how you should behave. It is only a way of turning within and exploring yourself and awakening your hidden powers.

    Next Issue
    Start with this regular relaxation and in the next article we will examine how to access these higher abilities permanently and how you can bring tremendous improvements to all the various parts of your life.

    Movie Trailer;


    Visit the Being In Heaven Site | Own the DVD


    A Note;

    With Empower Network I mean this three-step formula that you found on the header banner in this blog. Take action, and join us today to find out how simple and a well supported the three-step formula really is.


    Get in to action today, you have procrastinate your REAL ACTION for too long now.
    See you in the team MATE!

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow; Check it here, it’s cool.
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    We can only give what we have;

    Giving and receiving, whether it is an external or internal assets;

    If you want to give some money, maybe the Salvation Army is knocking for the winter appeal. What do you do if you don’t have a dollar available in the house, you simply can’t give anything can you?

    Jim Rohn’s favourite story; a little girl was knocking and offered him some scout cookies for only two dollars. But Jim was broke, he wanted to buy some cookies from the girl, but he wasn’t able to find the two dollars in the house.

    He was discussed with himself, and said: Never again, I will make changes, and never again will I be caught out not being able to raise two dollars for some scout cookies.

    Health and your emotions. Connies Health dot com.

    If you want to give someone an apple, you better make sure that you have a nice apple available to give don’t you?

    Our intrinsic assets;
    We have a lot of programming, and a lot of stuff inside, it is memories, it is programming and it is emotions.

    My friend Paul Blackburn give us this wonderful analogy;

    Imagine you have a coke bottle stored in your chest somewhere, the coke bottle is bumping around as you walk, run and move. But it is a handy little thing, because, when you get upset, or maybe angry, you can always take these emotions and hide them away in the coke bottle

    The concept of hiding emotions however doesn’t work for ever, once you have bottled up too much emotions – your bottle are going to explode. Try shaking a half full coke bottle until the cork pops – that would give you a mess wouldn’t it?

    Another issue with storing anger and other emotions, is that they never be ventilated out at the right moment. If your coke bottle is full of small annoyances in life, then it can explode with just one more little thing. Maybe your son accidentally drops his breakfast on the floor, it is an accident, a thing that just happen – but you’re coke bottle explodes and you overreact with a rage of anger.

    You see, we can only give what we already have.

    On the other side of the coin, let’s say your husband took you out for dinner the night before, and this morning he left a bunch of roses on the table for you when he left for work.

    When the son wakes up he drags you into his room, showing you that the mess since yesterday is immaculately cleaned up – he is leaving at perfectly shiny room when he goes to school.
    You can now feel the love of the family, you are in a perfect relaxed mood and quite happy with your life.

    If the son drops his breakfast on the floor this morning, would you say that your reaction might be slightly different – as compared when you’re tied up and angry?

    You see, we can only give what we already have.

    And we do have a lot of stuff in there, as a matter of fact, our entire life, each and every experience have to be created in our head before we can live it out. I know, that is a bit hard to swallow at first, but please contemplate the idea for some weeks or months – you will be surprised.

    You might even agree with me that life is just a mirror of what’s going on inside, whatever upsets you in others, be it your partner, kids or friends – it is all just one of your suppressed personalities that want to get out.

    Health and your emotions. Connies Health dot com.

    For further information about sub personalities, I recommend you study the work of Mr Michael Domeyko Rowland. – Why not start by ordering his latest movie right HERE.

    We must have anger inside to be able to give anger away, that is, being angry towards family and friends.

    We must have love inside, to be able to share love with our friends. Furthermore, we must therefore be able to love ourselves before we could love anybody else. You can’t be uptight, angry and frustrated with yourself – and at the same time continuously show passionate affection and love for your close family. I said continuously, because we are able to fake anything for a while, but that again is just shoving down the real emotions in your coke bottle.

    So learn to love yourself, self-love is totally okay – regardless of what stupid program you brought up with. The way to learn self love is through meditation, changing your thoughts and changing your life.

    Another great friend of mine, Mr Sandy McGregor, have produced a whole series of guided meditation programs. He actually has a three hour seminar where he teaches how to use the guided meditation, then you have about the when this meditation sessions on different subjects.

    If you’re harbouring anger in any way, or might feel a bit frustrated – then Sandy McGregor’s program would be the best investment you ever do.

    You can read more about Sandy McGregor’s work here;

    Or you can purchase his three hour seminar in DVD formats here;

    Having this knowledge, and peace of mind, is a wonderful feeling in itself.
    You will always run into people that have too much anger, and they need to share it with you. You can simply nod, seemingly agree, and just let them ventilate the anger without upsetting you.

    It might take a while, but as long as you don’t argue, just accept what they are saying, and you will see them calming down slowly. Keep listening, keep letting them ventilate, and you will see them running out of anger – then the emotion will slowly be turning to love.

    It is not unusual that people come with anger, being allowed to ventilate the meeting ends with a hug and a “thank you for being such a great listener”.

    With this we could conclude: The anger that are overflowing from angry people, are very rarely ventilated to wars to correct initial object for the anger.

    And the same goes with the love, you can be a total stranger, and still be met with help, generosity and love – some people just have love inside and share it generously. And you can do the same, give a smile – and in most cases you get one back.

    Give anything, and you will get it back. Maybe not from that particular person, maybe not in the form that you gave it – but we live in a universe that treats us all as we want to be treated. And in this boomerang universe you’re always getting back what you give out.

    At Connie’s health on the Gold Coast Australia.
    We specialise in helping people raise the energy frequencies, love is the very high frequency energy, while anger is the low one. (Shame supposedly being the lowest level of energy.)

    People with high energy, have so much fun, and so much to do that they cannot go to bed in the evening, they are motivated and they are energised – and they jump out of bed in the morning for another exciting day.

    On the other end of the scale, I’m sure you know people that can’t get out of bed in the morning have to force and drag themselves onto their days. In the evening, they might go to bed early, but more likely end of half asleep in the TV coach – much likely with an alcoholic drink to drown their sorrows of the miserable day.

    We at Connie’s health, raised the energy frequency level in people, simply by talking and inter acting with them. Suggesting change of attitude, habits of speaking, postures and other small details, making people aware, and letting them understand the signals from their life and their body.

    Contact us today, and we can have a chat.
    Or find out more, by following Connie on her website and blog HERE.

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow;   Check it here, it’s cool.
    Email; olle(a)ollepersson com

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    Part 3 of our Steps towards Personal Growth

    Michael Rowland, Olle Persson; Being in Heaven

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 3 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
    Email us:
    Web Site:


    How Thought Streams Create Your Life Experience

    You learnt, in Part 2, about the silent repetition of statements. The goal of statement repetition is to securely implant, in your mind, a new thought stream, which eventually becomes second nature. Why this works is because:

    • All your relationships, and so most of your life, are created by the behaviours you express. This is because other people can only respond to your behaviours, not what you may be thinking or feeling. In fact, you are actually calling for a specific response whenever you express any behaviour. The truth of this is contained in the word ‘behave’. Split the word in half and you have to ‘be’+ to ‘have’. Which means you are ‘being’ in a certain way to ‘have’ or call forth a particular response, from those you are expressing yourself to.

    • Sometimes you receive the responses you want and sometimes you don’t. Eventually you tend to spend your time with people who respond in the way that you want, and you avoid the people who respond differently. But, sometimes, you find you are continually being forced to be in situations where you always get the ‘wrong’ or unwanted responses from other people. This can also happen with regard to money and material well being, relationships, career path or any other aspect of your life. You want a particular response, but you get something different or even the opposite. This is because of patterns in your subconscious mind, which are calling for experiences which match its own particular agendas.

    • So, if you have a subconscious pattern which holds thoughts that, say, all relationships are filled with arguments, or that money is difficult to make or keep (as Jason experiences in the filmBeing in Heaven’), you will be drawn to creating these kinds of experiences. And you will do this in spite of the fact that consciously you want to experience the opposite of these hidden patterns. This is because the subconscious will often over ride the conscious mind. We’ll see why in later issues.

    • To dissolve these unwanted patterns, you need to bring them to consciousness, to become aware of them. You do this by deliberately contradicting these old patterns with a new thought stream. You become aware of them as they try to cause you to behave in ways that will attract the ‘wrong’ response from other people. You literally hear, within your mind, the old stream coming up for a run and trying to grab your awareness. You need to keep repeating the new thought stream and allow your awareness to follow its directives. After a few days of doing this you will find changes in your feelings, behaviours and actions taking place.

    So, by creating a new thought stream, you have deliberately created the opportunity to use the new thoughts as the source of your actions and behaviours, and therefore your life’s experiences.

    The Influence of Image Streams

    The next powerful influence on your choices, actions and behaviours are the image streams. These are also incredibly powerful and perhaps even more powerful than thoughts. In fact, an image is a thought in pictures, and you can say that thinking and imaging are two aspects of the same faculty. The point of both is to direct you to behave in new ways and take different actions. It is marvellous how well this works.

    First you decide a desire you want fulfilled. Always choose something that is a definite possibility, that is not too extreme. You can do the larger desires once you have mastered the technique and made it work for you. Your desire could be a material object like a new car or dishwasher, a house, a watch, a computer, or a holiday overseas, or a bank account with a particular amount in it, in other words anything you would like to have.

    Next you create a clear image of you (you always see your body in the image) with that particular goal fulfilled. You can perform this impressioning on your mind either internally or externally. If you are doing it externally, you can draw it onto a page, or you can make up a collage, on a piece of A4 card. Use pictures from magazines and add photos of yourself. The image should contain the complete summation of the desire you want fulfilled.

    Let’s look at some different ideas:

    Say the desire is you taking a holiday in Tahiti. You take a picture of the beach or resort you want to go to, from a brochure or magazine, and paste a picture of yourself (and your family if appropriate) onto it. Or, you want to have your own business, you make up a picture of the business premises, with your business name in it and you performing the normal tasks associated with that business. Or you may want a boat, so you obtain a picture of the boat, with the name of the boat you have decided upon placed on its bows, and a photo of you sitting in it driving it through the water. And so on. If you are doing this internally, then you merely create the image in your mind’s eye.

    Once you have this image clearly on the page, or in your mind, you focus on it every morning and evening for a few minutes. And you keep going with this every day until you have the desire you want or you have lost interest in it.

    Naturally you act and behave in accordance with the desires you are going for. You can use a single image, on its own, or a moving image.

    Image repetitions are very powerful to cause you to behave and take appropriate actions. They are also very useful ways of keeping you on a direct path to having the experiences you want to enjoy. The constant reminders of the experiences you want to have keeps you on track. Just try it and see what happens.

    Next Issue

    Next issue we will continue with this series and discuss ways of raising your consciousness.

    Visit the Being In Heaven Site | Own the DVD

    A Note;

    With Empower Network I mean this three-step formula that you found on the header banner in this blog. Take action, and join us today to find out how simple and a well supported the three-step formula really is.

    Get in to action today, you have procrastinate your REAL ACTION for too long now.
    See you in the team MATE!

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276

    Email; olle(a)

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    Ask yourself; Why? – Why not? – Why not you? – Why not now?

    Okay Mate, so we are here to talk money – right?

    The story I told many times, is how I started with an online sale of $25,000.00 – and then it was downhill from there. – Just joking. This sale happened through Walters extrusion pub, a special forum and chatroom for the plastic industry.

    This happened in the mid / late 1990s, which indicate that my Internet marketing efforts are no more than 15 years old. It have been some interesting 15 years some good ones and some not so good, but I stay with it, I’m learning every day – and occasionally put some nice money in the bank is well.

    Not bragging about million-dollar income, Just a nice little cash flow.

    I do have a video for you here, the guys of these videos making it big time, hence why I joined them.

    Why not play with a successful guys and see what rubs off, I currently make a good little income and more important having a good time here in my Mudgeeraba basement.

    However, contend splints might lead to stagnation, and I have way too much energy, too keen on having fun – to be able to settle down and be fully content at this stage.

    I want to be out there and play the game, and I want to take you with me, I want to play with your. That is teaching, helping and supporting each other, just testing and see what we can do.

    So watch this couple of videos, enjoy it, but also ask yourself some questions;
    What if it does work?

    Why? Why should I take on this, why should I attempt to make all this money, why should I get off the TV coach and doing something worthwhile, why?

    Why not? Why not see if it works, why not see if it’s possible to retire in 12 month, why not accumulating 1 million for the kids starting fund, or why not give away 1 million in Charity?

    Why not you? You see all kids out there doing it, so why not you? You see people in terrible situations turning it around, so why not you? Anyone can do this – so why not you?

    Why not now? Isn’t it a wonderful time right now? It is virtually free communication around the world, so why not now? Today you can read millions of people with a small blog post like this, so why not now.

    You are here –now – in this moment, so why not take action and do it now.

    Give me a call today, or send me a note and let’s hook up over Skype.

    Olle Persson, Empower Network -Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow; Check it here, it’s cool.
    Email; olle(a)



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    Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

    16th Verse of Tao Te Ching

    Become totally empty.
    Let your heart he at peace.
    Amidst the rush of worldly comings and goings,
    observe how endings become beginnings
    Things flourish, each by each,
    only to return to the Source .
    to what is and what is to be
    To return to the root is to find peace.
    To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny.
    To fulfill one’s destiny is to be constant.
    To know the constant is called insight.
    Not knowing this cycle
    leads to eternal disaster.
    Knowing the constant gives perspective.
    This perspective is impartial.
    Impartiality is the highest nobility;
    the highest nobility is Divine.
    Being Divine, you will be at one wit/i the Tao.
    Being at one with the Tao is eternal.
    This way is everlasting,
    not endangered by physical death.

    Olle Per4sson, Wayne Dyer, Change Your Thought, Change Your Life.


    Living with Constancy.

    The 16th verse of the Tao Te Ching describes the value of being supremely conscious of the constant cycle of all. Rather than viewing change as a disruptive, unwanted occurrence, you can choose to view the variances in your world as valuable influences in the cycle of a Tao-centered existence.
    When you see change as the only constant there really is, you start to recognize it as an expression of ongoing life that’s a welcome clue to your own purpose and meaning, in this way, you’re returned to the experience of your Source and the peace of an impartial perspective. Begin this process by altering your ego-based thoughts and letting yourself feel the bliss of being at one with the Tao. Then become an acute observer of how your world really works, and allow yourself to be in harmony with the cyclical nature of all living things.

    There’s an immutable cycle of “no life, life, no life” that we’re part of. All things come, and then they go. Life materializes in a variety of forms—it’s here, and then at some point it ends in what we call death. This coming and going might seem to be a temporary condition, but it’s actually the ultimate constant because it never ceases. Embrace this nature of cyclical change and you’ll thrive.

    An ending may feel like a reason to mourn, whether it be the closing of a phase in your life, the completion of a project, the termination of a relationship, or death itself. But Lao-tzu invites you to realize that after things flourish, they “return to the Source … to what is and what is to be.” the constancy of the cycles of life is an opportunity to return to your root, where what is and what is to be are located. The ultimate place of peace and enlightenment is in this continuous return to the nameless, placeless site of your origination.
    Lao-tzu tells you that a sense of inner peace comes with returning to the Source, where all cycles begin and end. This is the fulfillment of your own personal destiny; that is, you’re here to know and be the Tao, the constant beyond the comings and goings of life. You’ve been in many bodies already, and you’re in a new one every day. You’ve been in and out of many relationships, yet the eternal you survives despite transitions from beginnings back into endings. You’re now being urged to know yourself as a physical creation and as a piece of the everlasting Tao.

    The Tao that animates all existences, including your own, is totally impartial. It plays no favorites: It brings winter regardless of whether you want it or not. It sends those you love on to other people and then back, irrespective of your desires to have it otherwise. All of life must return to it; there are no exceptions or apologies.

    When you’re unaware of this steadying influence, you attach to one element of one cycle in life, leading to what Lao-tzu calls “eternal disaster.” When one person leaves you, it feels like the end of the world. When a business venture fails, you flunk out of school, or you have a painful illness or injury, you feel depressed. If you get trapped in these emotional endings, you’re not permitting them to also be a natural part of life, leading you to feel disconnected from your Source. You become stuck in the “rush of worldly comings and goings,” unable to remember the constancy where “endings become beginnings.”

    The reality is that beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. So when you know that there’s a constant beyond the present moment’s disappointment, you can sense that “this too shall pass”— it always has and always will. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!
    This is what Lao-tzu seems to be telling you in this 16th chapter of the Tao Te Ching:

    Take time to be an impartial observer of life,
    particularly when an ending is causing despair.

    Remind yourself that your Source is at work within this event, and then make a decision to connect to that Source with your thoughts. All endings are part of the cyclical process; you’re merely returning to a life of constancy, which Lao-tzu taught in this passage. You don’t have to learn anything new, change any behavior, or adopt any new strategies—just think about the word return, and take comfort in the ever-constant Tao, which brings peace to despair. The Tao never leaves or disappoints, and it is always impartial. Wherever you are in the emotional cycle, you’re not being judged. Rather, you’re learning to be in all phases, free of judgment and living with constancy.

    Write these words and post them in a conspicuous place
    in your living environment: This too shall pass.

    This phrase will remind you that change is the only constant in life. Everything you notice is in a cycle of coming and going. Everything! There are no exceptions. Know this and let your thoughts flow in the constancy of change. This is the root, the Source ot all cyclical happenings. It is perfect. It is Divine. It is something you can totally rely upon. It brings spring flowers, it brings the aging process, it brings rebirth, it brings new relationships—it is the Tao and it is constant. Return to it and experience your eternal essence here and now, in the temporary container you call your body and all of its dramas. This too ha11 pass. . . you can count on it!

    Do the Tao Now

    Dedicate a day to consciously seeking situations to practice impartially observing endings as beginnings, challenging yourself to find a specific number by noon. Begin in the morning by being aware that the end of asleep is the beginning of awake. Break your waking time into sections, noticing without judging the endings that make space for beginnings. Start to consciously live with constancy by opening your mind to the fact that change is the only certain thing. Remember to include all of your feelings in its cycle—impartially observing sad, for instance, permits its natural ending to transform to a beginning. You’re doing the Tao!
    Dr Wayne Dyer
    Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

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    Who Else Wants All-Day ENERGY, – “INEXHAUSTIBLE”

    I Was Fit and Active But Constantly Tired and Sick — Until I Made ONE Simple Change to My Diet. And Now, I’m Showing Busy Men and Women How To Do The Same.

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    Discover How I Used A Little Known Nutrition Secret to Having All-Day Energy, Losing Weight, and Preventing Disease That Has Been Withheld From You For Years…

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    Who Else Wants All-Day ENERGY

    One of the Most Powerful Nutrition Programs Ever Developed on Boosting Your Energy and Enjoying a Life of Vitality! I don’t like to blow my own horn but I need to tell you that, with Eating for Energy, you’re about to discover what might be the most powerful energy-boosting raw food diet ever developed. It’s a similar approach to simple and natural nutrition used by the healthiest people that inhabit our planet including the Hunza of the Himalayas and the Tarahumara of Mexico (both of whom live well above 100 years old in great health).

    It is also used by many celebrities to help them lose weight and reach single digit body fat levels. But most importantly, the raw food approach you’ll learn about in Eating for Energy is so straightforward, powerful, and simple that even applying just 10% of its principles will change your life forever! I guarantee it.

    REMEMBER: 1% of something is better than 100% of nothing.
    So start doing SOMETHING for your health today.

    You don’t have to be stranded on a deserted island, have access to millions of superfood ingredients, or be a raw foodist for this raw food diet to work for you. If so, that’s great but that’s not intention with this ebook.
    - See more HERE; -
    The Eating for Energy Difference

    Eating for Energy is a natural nutrition program based around eating more plant-based whole foods (preferably raw) which combines science, natural health principles, and how-to dietary guidelines for increasing your energy, preventing disease, losing weight, and bettering your health.

    EatingEnergy04It comes fully loaded with 120 raw food recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare and a 12-week meal plan that makes it easy to follow.

    The secret is in its simplicity. All of the nutrition principles, and I mean ALL OF THEM, have been perfected to work in the most harmonious way with your body to a) explode your energy, b) stimulate fat loss, and c) prevent disease in the most effective and simple manner possible.
    Every single day, every single meal, every single thing you do on this program is for a very specific reason that contributes to the overall energy-boosting and health improvement effects of the program.
    Simply put, when you learn how to unlock your body’s natural vitality and healing mechanisms, the strategic and synergistic results are profound. And that’s exactly what Eating for Energy does.

    - See more HERE; -

    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson at; Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow; Check it here, it’s cool.
    Email; olle(a)ollepersson com


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    Part 2 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth.

    Being In Heaven Film

    Part 2 of the 11 Steps of Personal Growth
    Michael Domeyko Rowland
    Writer, Director and star of ‘Being In Heaven’
    Email us:
    Web Site:

    The Second Step to Real Change
    Our primary goal with these steps is to first of all ground you in the basics. Then we will go onto the deeper and more profound methods. You must have this basic foundation in place and not dismiss any of it. If you do, it will be like building a skyscraper on sand. You may have some success, but it could all come tumbling down.

    You learnt in Step 1, that your mind works in thought and image streams – called mind streams – and the best way to start the process of life improvement is by writing down what you want. This is the fundamental step and vital for real change.

    Adding Instructions to your ‘Mind Streams’
    Next, once you have decided what you want, you need to add new instructions to your mind streams. This is the basis of all self-development paths of the West for the last one hundred years, and of the East for the last several thousand. Again, it is deceptively simple. It the silent repetition of statements (in the West), or mantras (in the East). The goal of statement repetition is to implant securely a new thought stream, which eventually becomes second nature. It slips into the subconscious and plays there. It will influence many parts of your being to respond in new ways.
    Sometimes these repetitions are called affirmations, but they are more than that. Just try them for a week and you will be surprised at how strongly these thought forces will affect your life. The most well known one is ‘Every day in every way I (or my life, or my health, etc.) get better and better’. It is so simple, but I still use it when I am starting out on a new venture or facing any difficulties or obstructions to my plans. I find it wonderfully effective., Being In Heaven.

    The Key to Your Affirmations
    The key is to really focus on it and watch what the other parts of your mind come up with in opposition to, and support of it. You also need to do it constantly throughout the day and night, as soon as you become aware that your mind has slipped into old patterns. Your mind will quickly respond to the new instructions, if you focus on it, and perform it constantly. It will very quickly change your attitudes, remove negativity, and grant you optimism. It also has this seemingly magical effect of bringing opportunities and the right people into your life. It is not really magic – we will deal with how it all works in a later issue. Always remember, it is your mind which gives you your experiences. Change your mind and you will change your experiences. Repetition is the primary step of gaining control of your mind.

    How to apply them to your life
    So pick a subject, then create an appropriate positive, powerful statement. Then practice it, and add the appropriate actions and behaviours in your life towards that desire.

    For instance:
    - my relationship is becoming more loving, or,
    - money comes to me easily in perfect ways, or,
    - I am now in a really fulfilling job, or,
    - I find it easy and enjoyable to express myself, or,
    - I am lean, fit and healthy, and so on.

    It must be in your own voice, not taped, and you repeat it silently, mentally. It is the intention which is crucial and the relaxed determination which you put into it that brings results.

    Next Issue
    We are putting the basic building blocks in place before we move on to the more advanced issues in later articles. It is really important to grasp these thoroughly and put them into practice.   -    Movie Trailer;

    Visit the Being In Heaven Site | Own the DVD


    A Note;
    Being in heaven is an amazing movie, another one that I watch over and over – but also give away as presents.

    Jason Masterman, and Aussie having a job as investment banker in New York, Jason made good money for his investors and accumulated $10 million for himself – and quickly lost it all through a fraudulent mentor and a manager in the bank.

    Jason finds himself (after the crash) back in Australia as a journalist, and his job is to interview the author and personal development guru Mr Michael Domeyko Rowland.

    Jason is truly in for a surprise during the interview, his discoveries isn’t Michael Rowland – in discovering his own personal self, and many of his sub personalities. His own ego, and the childhood programs he lives out, repeating and using to sabotage the successes.

    Get and Watch this Movie, it will clear your mind and focus, it will give you determination and propel you to success here in Empower Network.

    You may contact me directly and request a copy, or you can follow the links here in the article.

    With Empower Network I mean this three-step formula that you found on the header banner in this blog. Take action, and join us today to find out how simple and a well supported the three-step formula really is.

    For further information you can check out many free Videos on the following links.

    Get in to action today, you have procrastinate your REAL ACTION for too long now.
    See you in the team MATE!
    To Life Without Limits,
    Olle Persson, Empower Network-Olle Persson Ph; 07 5630 1276
    Blogging for Cash Flow;   Check it here, it’s cool.
    Email; olle(a)

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